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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. start now. >> it is monday november 12, 2012. as we bring you the show we will begin with a live look at our mount tam cam of the bay area. it looks decent out there with conditions that are cold. you can see the lights not a lot of fog but a chilly start. good morning james fletcher i and kenny hong for your monday morning. >> erica is standing by with a look at our forecast. good morning erica. >> it is very chilly out there we do have a little bit of fog in the north bay.
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as we take a look at what is happening around the bay area clear and cold conditions. sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures for climb to the mid-60s. as we head into the evening hours some of the clouds will return and temperatures could drop into the forties. 37 in novato. low forties' for santa rosa and napa. oakland at 43. 38 in concord. they're filled almost hitting the freezing mark a chilly start. what weather activity dropping down from the pacific northwest. it was the parts of northern california. it started to break apart we could see moisture around santa rosa and the locations north of that. a lot of clout cover associated with that we could see rain jobs as well. sunshine mild
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conditions pretty much everywhere else. futurecast 4 predicts by 12:00 blue on your screen indicates everyone in the '50s. we will squeeze out some 60s in the afternoon highs. better tonight interest dropped back down to the 50's and 40's. >> here's a look at your afternoon highs 64 for oakland. 63 in hayward. livermore climbing to 65. upper 50s in daly city. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows into the rest of the week. it will be dry until potentially thursday. we will start to see more clouds associated with another weather system that could produce light rain. chance of wet weather for saturday. it in creases heavier rain expected as we head into sunday. more details coming up. >> the bay bridge toll plaza looks fine out oakland
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into the city. san mateo drive 12 minutes from end to end. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge no problems. i have checked with the chp to dry is 22 minutes of novato into the city. a. >> thank you erica pipit to concord men are saved after their car fell 25 ft. early this morning. but for the second happened shortly before midnight. the eighth in a way exit. the car had been traveling south on the overpass and it crashed into a guardrail. it fell about 25 ft. and flipped onto its roof. the passengers were able to exit the car with no help and suffered minor injuries. >> new this morning a house fire in redwood city has fire crews kenning an early start to their monday. the one alarm fire was called in around 130 atm located at 20
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melvyn him record. crews remained on the scene there no injuries reported in the fire. the being the for the niners faced a st. louis rams at candlestick park. the game cannot be decided in regulation play the overtime was not enough either. the final score was 24-24. it was a tie. the san francisco 49ers tide came back in '86 against the atlanta falcons. he also lost quarterback alex smith to a concussion. a helmet to helmet hit in the back of the head. he was scrambling to the sidelines and got nailed by joelyn dunbar. smith left for the locker room just before halftime. fans are hoping he will be back to the game soon. >> i hope he bit gets better
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quickly so much of the venture for him. --and cheer for him. >> both the rams and the san francisco 49ers have chances to win the game in overtime. both teams were let down by their kickers. david acres are going slightly to the left missing the upright. later in the overtime. greg zerlin kicked a 53 yds. it was good however the rams were penalized for the lay of game and put them back at the 58 yd attempt. it goes like to the right. fans not happy about the outcome. >> this is america we do not tie. this is not soccer what are we doing here let's play
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another quarter. >> (cheers and applause) i don't understand why we cannot play another quarter. >> i liked his reaction this is a miracle we do not die. the san francisco 49 as host the bears' next week on monday night football. >> across the nation you consent folks saying thanks to our veterans over the weekend. kron force arraigned kelly chose as the sights and sounds. >> marin kelly. >> i could not sit on my butt on a sunday and not come out and give them their props. what they have done for us. with out the veterans would not have our freedom. >> i am here representing my grandfather. he gave his life for this country and i
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love him for it. >> ♪ have a great day everybody thank you for coming out your>> being in vietnam the way it was it was tough. it all came back. i am glad the guys now are getting more honor. >> i have friends there right now keep praying for them. keep the support of. they need it. it feels real good to come back to know that we have people behind us. >> with the veterans day comes plenty of widespread closures. the federal government will close today meaning most state and local offices would close. among the closures the u.s.
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postal office. courthouses. the majority of banks. most schools and libraries as well. since the schools are not required to close at check with your children's schools if they two had the day off. >> a quick break at4:07. this give you a look at the san mateo bridge. highway traffic moving fine. it is freezing out there. in the 30's were a lot of communities that have not seen '30's in a long time.
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>> here's a quick check on the market. the stock market was down 2% over the weekend. the dow and the s&p are up this morning and is a positive start. the dow jones now about four points. the nasdaq about half a point or so. the s&p is trading about up the point.
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net flicks is on pre-market trading the california-based company is selling for about $77 a share. we will keep our eye on the markets to out the morning. gas prices are going down that is good news. we are watching prices below state average. $3.85 for regular guest in san francisco. finally before the $4 mark. --below the $4 mark. >> other business news h t c and apple have settled their patent dispute. in a joint statement the two companies said they are also signing a 10 year license agreement that will extend to current and future patents held by one another. the companies have battled over the pad for smart phone features since march of 2010.
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>> toys r us are joining stores that will open increase in the early for black friday. the toy store chain will open at 8:00 p.m. on thursday thanksgiving day. there will start with more than 200 door busters. electronics will be available. sears will roll out its holiday deals on november 8th in five days earlier than usual. >> the number of international students wrote in u.s. colleges climb. to their records 364,000 students. concern that american students are not developing the skills they will need to succeed in a global work force. the institute of international education is calling on you as educators to step up efforts and more students
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abroad. >> off the time now is 4:12. we will be back a first live look outside. you can see in oakland is 43 degrees a chilly start out there. the high for this afternoon getting up to the near mid '60s and partly cloudy conditions. we have more on your news, weather,
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we're back at 4:15 this morning. an accident happened around 4:00 the car was engulfed in flames blocking the slow lane highway to 80. will bring you updates as it becomes available. let us get it over to the trust department where erica will give you an update on your commute. >> actually james we do not have hot spots to talk
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about. i did check with the chp is quiet out there. we did have a stall. aside from that nothing to slow your road down. here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic light in the area. cars are closing out of oakland into the city. it did not have metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge also looked good again a lot of folks have the day off. they did not think this will be a big traffic day. the taillights heading out toward foster city no problem getting to the bridge coming down the dmitri wet. southdown 101 looks good on the deck. off the headlights heading into san francisco. fog for some of our north bay spots reported no incidents to report. here on our traffic that's the east shore freeway picking up slowing. the yellow on your screen in the case speeds at 40 mi. per hour. westbound 24 looks good. interstate 580
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usually one of the first spots to back up off of the altamonte pass. the yellow with your scott green all is well approaching downtown livermore. bring on the roadway sensors in the case could conditions for southbound 101 and interstate 280. >> as we take it live to our roof cam in downtown san francisco a relatively clear the cold start to the morning. we do have fog for some of our north bay spots. concord will come in at 38 degrees. 36 and livermore. 48 for downtown san francisco. 43 in san jose. there is a bit of a systems dropping from the pacific northwest. impacting parts of northern california. it will break down with that not much rain thing in the bay area. we could have light sprinkle for santa rosa and communities north
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of that. sunny and clear conditions as we head into the afternoon. >> futurecast for tracking temperatures 12:00 p.m. everyone in the '50s. we will pull off 60s as we head into the afternoon highs there will not last for long as we head into napm. blue on your screen indicates fifties. and the '50s--the purple indicates we can see some 60s. . 634 mount view 67 in los gatos. mid '60s for san jose and milpitas. temperatures will be warmer compared to what we saw this weekend. low 60s are fairfield and concord. mostly sunny conditions for east bay shoreline. downtown san francisco 61 degrees. upper 50s or petaluma and a bottle. 58 if you are heading to ocean beach. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast wet weather on the
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way you can see by thursday we will see more in the way by cloud cover. friday may have light rain. looks like the chance sticks around for saturday and we may see heavy rain as we head into the weekend. >> grocery store workers are back on the picket line after the chain resumed negotiations with the employees' union. the agreement--store employees say they will--they are trying to reach a deal on health care and retiree benefits. >> i will not go back to work until this is settled. i will have to support my team members and myself. >> several customers are supporting these workers. they have agreed not to cross the picket line. >> san francisco police have met a third arrest connected to the destruction of a muni bus after the world series victory. adam diaz was a
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book on suspicion of damaging a transit vehicle. two other men have been arrested in connection with the attack. both have pleaded not guilty. police continue to look for more suspects. >> a neighbor in redwood city helped prevent a burglary after seeing three teenagers jumped a fence into a house. it happened on park avenue. the police responded to a neighbor's calls and surrounded the house. they heard noises inside the house. they sought to screens had been torn off the window. the suspect were found with stolen jewelry on them. >> a candlelight vigil was held in memory of a 19 year old killed in an abandoned haywood building earlier this week. police found the body of the victim inside a in a car repair shop on
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mission boulevard tuesday night. police did not rule out the death as a murder until days later. the family is seeking justice in asking for anyone with information to come for. >> he was a good guy he had no enemies. we are shocked that this happened to him. he was loyal to his girlfriend at his kids. >> he was last seen leaving his home near folsom on october 21st. his father reported him missing on november 1st. police have not released because of his death but did say it is been treated as a homicide. >> an attempt to relieve over crowding in california state prisons and county jails would like to read these parolees. they would like to review 9001 of parole violators. these are parolees who were convicted of non-violent crimes. a
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corrections spokesperson said the efforts to weed out a less urgent cases and allow them to focus on dangerous parolees in an effort to cut down on overcrowded jails. >> san leandro to downtown parking garage will open today. the four story garage at east 14th street has 384 parking spaces. that is 50 percent more than the old grudge. the new croce's a new chord yard and a bus shelter and decorative painting. there is offices for the san leandro chamber of commerce. the project started in november 2010 and was paid for entirely by san leandro is redevelopment agency. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news more headlines. we have a live look at the golden gate
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bridge outside where we are following cold temperatures. santa rosa at the 40 degree mark and we have not hit the cold as part of the morning get. 62 expected hide this afternoon.
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welcome back the time is for:24. bi4:24. >> engines been to has the story. >>andrew spencer has the story. >> i did not know anyone who was in shock by this. he is such a straight shooter. acorn ball really. a very decent guy. yet this was not one of those things that you
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knew there must be something there. >> the general rose affair was reportedly with this woman paula broadwell. she wrote a biography of the general. >> sources said the fbi had been investigating her for an allegedly sending harassing e-mail to a woman who was close to the trades. ppetras. this is something that can have had an effect on a special security i think we should of been told. >> house majority leader said he talked to the fbi last about of general affairs. all of this comes at a critical time in washington. the closed hearings on the deadly attack in benghazi libya. petrus was forced to
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testify however someone else would not speak in his place. >> immigration reform could be taking center stage in washington. censors from york and south carolina are said to restart talks. they believe they will be able to get them passed. the bipartisan plan has four key elements there is strong or border security and a tough love pat for citizens wore already in the u.s.. applicants also have to learn english and maintain a job. >> meanwhile the bbc general director has resigned after the net work ran a report wrongly i accusing a director of child abuse. the politician was not named in the broadcast but there are suggestions 0.2 alastair
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mcalpine. >> more ahead on the kron for morning news with a quick break. at live look outside from our walnut creek camera. we can see the light not really foggy in the east bay. a chilly start to the morning. the time is for:28 we will be right back with more. 4:28
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all combat. the time is for:4:30 on this monday morning. >> coded temperatures are on the way to the bay area is the cold start out there. --colder temperatures. >> to concord men are safe after their car fell 25 ft. from interstate 80 early this morning. authorities say it happened shortly after midnight.
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investigators learned the car had been traveling south on the overpass when it crashed through a concrete guardrail. they say it fell about 25 ft. and flipped over on to its roof. the occupants were able to exit the car without help and only suffered minor injuries. the police are currently investigating the cause of the accident. >> also new this morning a house fire in redwood city has fire crews getting an early start. it was a one alarm blaze caught in around 1:38 a.m. at 20 melvin in record. a fire has been contained. crews are still on the same mopping up no reports of any injuries. >> we have erica looking in a very cold start to this monday morning. one of the cold as we have seen in recent. >> good morning chains. it is chilly. we are not at your morning lows yet it will happen around the 7:00 area. we do have rain to our norfolk for as we head into tomorrow. we will continue to see temperatures will
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make it to the '60s. today and tomorrow will be warmer compared to what we saw this weekend. looking ahead we have wet weather in the forecast. i will break that down coming up in your 7 day around the bay. getting to the numbers. 37 and a bottle. 34 in fairfield. upper 30's and. 39 in sunnyvale. 43 in san jose. it is a cold one. we will see sunshine into the afternoon. 12:00 calling on to the '50s. we will start to squeeze out 60s in some locations. some could be in the mid '60s. we will cool down by 8:00 p.m.. the light blue on your screen in the case where we will see fifties. the purplish color indicates forties' for our inland areas. cold conditions. satellite and
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radar shows cloud cover and some moisture associated with the system to our north. this from the pacific northwest but it is falling apart. we could pick up lights sprinkles. santa rosa and the communities to the north. the majority of the bay area will be drive a cool as we head into the afternoon. your afternoon highs 60s across the south bay. 65 in san jose. 67 in los gatos. in the east bay will be chilly. fairfield at 62 san for concord. 63 in hayward. to the north bay cloudy cool conditions upper 50s or petaluma and a bottle. downtown san francisco at 61. oakland at 64. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows into the latter part of this week be have the potential for wet weather. cloudy conditions by thursday. rain chance by friday. we will
4:34 am
continue to see showers at the transition into the weekend. we will keep fine- tuning their forecast and the traffic center is quiet. we had a car fired northbound 280 at the truce dale. no road work as we take it to the approach bay bridge toll plaza. the volume is increasing no slowdowns to report out of oakland into san francisco. here at the san mateo bridge all is well. freeway. south bound 101 is good there clear conditions on the deck. the drive 22 minutes out of novato into the city. >> thank you erica. at4:34 the san francisco 49ers faced the same louis rams and the game cannot be decided in regulation play. two overtimes were not enough as well. the san
4:35 am
francisco 49ers last i came back in 1986 against the atlanta falcons. not getting the win is the least of their problems. they lost their starting quarterback alex smith. he gets nailed in the back of the head during that scramble. the rams linebacker nailed him in the back of the head. smith did get up again and continue to play. eventually throwing a touch now to michael crabtree in the second quarter. smith did leave for the locker room just before halftime. fans are hoping he will be back to the game some. >> that appeared >> i think he will do good i hope to see in the game after. >> alex status against the bears is not known but we will let you know. both the rams and the 49ers have a
4:36 am
chance to win the game at over time. both teams were let down by their kickers. later in overtime greg zerlin kicked a 53 yds. that would have and won it for the rams but they were penalized for delay of game. back to the 58 yd line. that was too far. fans were not happy with the tide. >> this is america would not i! this is not soccer another quarter i understand why we cannot let another quarter. give us 15 more minutes to win the game! >> the 49ers will host the bears on monday night football we will let you know if alex smith will be ready for that game. >> folks around the bay are
4:37 am
taking time to say thank you to our country's better disparate kron 4 is mike pelton takes us to the veterans day parade in san francisco. >> beyond the loud noise the cool looking helicopter and the spectacle of the grant are people like ralph sunny burns. >> rouse is a vietnam veteran and has three brothers that serve in the military. >> it was pretty hectic at times. it was scary. >> he was one of hundreds of veterans to march down market street giving us a chance to thank them. >> it makes my heart beat about it. 95 mi. per minute. >> is an honor to serve the nation. when someone says thank you it makes it shows the people appreciate what you've done. >> @ one day parade to remember years of service. >> america we are free
4:38 am
people and we fought for that. makes you feel good brings tears to your eyes. >> in san francisco mike pelton kron 4 news. >> with veteran day comes widespread closures. government offices will close today among them are the u.s. postal office, the dmv, courthouses, and majority of banks and schools and libraries. >> tracheck with your children schools if they have the day off schools are not required to close. >> we will take a quick break on the kron for more news first let's get a live look outside. it is is chchilly in san jose. >> we will be back with national headlines in just one minute.
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we are back. national
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headlines. victims of superstar standing in the northeast to that fog got a helping hand. from those who survived hurricane contract. a team from zatarians. they are taught sang it is time to repay the favor when they got help from hurricane katrina. the first respondent-- >> the main reason we are here because we knew that allow people came from will allow those were firefighters. they can to help their fellow firefighters to feed us and do things. as soon as we got the opportunity we jumped on the truck and start cooking jambalaya. >> from superstar sandy is responsible for at least 113 deaths of 43 of those deaths are in new york city alone. >> the secretary of homeland's security visited new york this week in. she toured s.i. an area that was
4:42 am
particularly hard hit by the storm. she told state and local officials her department and fema are committed to helping everyone in the region impacted by the storm. >> two people are dead and dozens are displaced as investigators continue to seek the cause of an explosion that level at least two houses in an indianapolis neighborhood and damages as many as 30 beyond repair. fire officials say they do not know what caused the blast. it happened about 11:00 p.m. saturday. damages are estimated at $3.6 million. residents returning to that neighborhood says the explosion has created a feeling of fear among families. >> is our to year-old that is the scared as. she heard us talking. >> officials at this point have not released i did see of the two people were killed. a candlelight vigil was held sunday night for a second grade teacher and her husband that live in the homes destroyed by the
4:43 am
explosion. >> we will take a quick break.
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welcome back the time is4: 44 a.m.. kron 4 jackie sissel is live in san raphael with an update on the temperatures. good morning jackie. are you staying warm. i am staying warm i have a good deed. i have gloves. >> there is a temperature sign here we have seen temperatures in other parts of iran county and the north bay as low as 34 degrees. about 25 minutes ago there it i can tell you we are approaching freezing level. not quite there. obviously one of the cold morning so far this year. know when to speak of. obviously it is clear outside. definitely
4:46 am
cold as we approach summerized as the coldest part of the morning. expect temperatures to go down from here. now and downtown san raphael hovering at 38 degrees. >> you will on the coast this morning. we will take a look at to weather and traffic with erica. >> good morning to you anni e. i was certainly not prepared. last week broke records. today we are in the '30's almost near freezing for some of our in a spots. it is a cold start to the morning. dressed in layers. keep pace are handy. clear conditions no-fault in downtown san francisco. a little bit of morning fog for our north bay valleys. downtown san francisco is 48 degrees. low '40's and san jose and oakland. mid-30s for fairfield. upper '30's
4:47 am
and concord. livermore end at 36 degrees. we are tracking rain to our north. take a look at that on satellite and radar. the system dropping down from the pacific northwest. it is starting to fall apart. it does not look like it will impact the bay area. mostly into the afternoon sunny skies and high clouds in the distance. temperatures will be in a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday's. mid to upper 60s with south bay. santa clara 66. 67 for los gatos. 63 in mountain view. high clouds for the east bay. fairfield at 62. 65 in pleasanton. " conditions associated with the system to our north for the north bay upper 50s for novato and petaluma. 614 napa. downtown san francisco at 61. 62
4:48 am
expected in berkeley. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast really has a story to tell. it will be over all the model for this time of year. we could actually see temperatures increase by the middle of this week. we will see more cloud cover into thursday. light rain on friday. it is not a strong system sitting offshore producing light scattered showers. thursday night heading into friday. we are tracking a more significant system coming from the gulf of alaska saturday into sunday. we could see heavy downpours, gusty winds. temperatures will not be bad but wet weather in play. keep an umbrella handy. we could see rain showers as we start the next work week. more on that forecast coming up in a bid. >> in our traffic center is quiet. northbound to pay a truce dell was a car fire.
4:49 am
no slowdown is being produced. here it approach to the bay bridge toll plaza not a bad commute. people are celebrating veterans day i do not think it will be a major traffic day. traffic is moving well from all of the approaches. no metering lights. here at the san mateo bridge west bound traffic moves well out of a work force the foster city side. south bound 101 looks good approaching san francisco. that dry is 22 minutes out of novato into the city. other traffic maps as well for the peninsula of the bayshore freeway looks good. the green on the runway sensors for interstate 280 indicate speeds over 50 mi. per hour. >> thank you4 erica you:49. some bay area sports the 49ers did take on the side let's ram. it was a 24-24
4:50 am
tie. the rams rookie greg zerlin made a 54 yd field goal was penalized and put them back at the 58 yd line. he could not make the attempt. that came on the rams' first possession. the 49ers kicker missed the field goal. alex smith left with a concussion early in the game. the san francisco 49ers will face the chicago bears in a monday night match up. >> meanwhile the oakland raiders took on the ravens in baltimore. joe black of the 4 341 yds. flacko.
4:51 am
>> turning to nascar the big fight jeff gordon felt wronged in a bumping incident. the international raceway and retaliates by spinning him out. the crew not happy. gordon got out on pit road and the crew went after gordon and it all out brought in soon. it would on for several minutes before everyone was pulled apart. eventually there was separated. >> big nascar brought. >> the loss angeles lakers have signed the former coach of the sons and next to a four year contract to replace mike brown. the deal to sign him came late last night two days after brown
4:52 am
was fired five games into the season. he got the job over former lakers coach phil jackson. the 11 times in the nba champion coach discussed a possible return. instead they but with the new coach. he coached the new york for the past three seasons resigning last march. we will be back on the kron 4 morning news thursday live look on this monday morning from the san mateo bridge. no problems getting across the bridge. george has more on your traffic this morning. the timing is4:52. we will be right back.
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4:55 am
>> some entertainment news. the justin bieber may be on the market. >> here are the tales in hollywood minute. >> they have been the power couple of teen pop justin bieber and selena gomez. the two broke up more than a week ago. the fans saw the writing on the twitter wall. two weeks ago the 18 year- old singer to it this fall with the caption just me. dorothy gale dancing down the yellow brick road off to
4:56 am
see the wizard in this blue dress. the dress worn by judy garland in the wizard of oz was sold at an auction. the final price was unprecedented. $480,000. the double 07 is back with a vengeance. sky fall bank $87.8 million in the u.s.. the best in james bond history. the action thriller flight rounded out the top. meanwhile lincoln may only be playing in 11 theaters but it grossed $900,000. for hollywood minute i am kathryn cam. >> i loved sky fall and lincoln both amazing. >> harris they look at your your kron 4 7 day around the
4:57 am
bay forecast . a chilly start '30's and 40's. inland we should give up to the near mid-60's partly to mostly sunny conditions. they the same thing. coast upper 50s. we get milder tuesday into wednesday. we stayed dry. forget cooler by thursday and friday. maybe some light rain on friday. saturday and sunday rain chances go up. sunday could be the wettest day in that forecast. rain chances are very slim. it should be a pretty decent they want warm things up into the afternoon. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and arrest has been made in the muni bus that was vandalize paris will have the new details next. >> the san francisco forty- niners quarterback alex smith was diagnosed with a concussion after the game with the st. louis rams. will he be able to play for
4:58 am
the matchup between the chicago bears. >> will be right back on our kron for a morning news stay with us. (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news.
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5:00 am
kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning. we are falling gas prices across the state and here in the bay area. we will take a live report and make sure they are headed in the right direction. >> the big 49 and alex smith knocked out of the game with a concussion. as the niners to something that has not been done in the end at belfort over four years. >> the bay area walking up to cold temperatures this morning. we will have more on what is coming up with the forecast here as we take a live look outside. we will go to san rafael where jackie sissel is standing by. >> hi jackie i understand it is pretty chilly? >> it is 38 degrees you can
5:01 am
see everyone has broken out as cars and a bid jacket. it is 38 degrees--scarfs and big jackets. >> 34 degrees in some of the low-lying areas. we are approaching freezing. we are at 34 degrees at 5:00 a.m.. this is not the cold as part of the morning. right at sunrise this will be the coldest. we may see freezing temperatures before the morning is out in the north bay. >> i can see people with a knit hat. thank you jackie let us get to the forecast. we have erica with the very low numbers. good morning erica. >> good morning janes.james we o have fog in some of our north bay bellies the good
5:02 am
news is the afternoon will prove to be warmer compared to what we saw this weekend. as we head into the evening hours partly cloudy conditions and temperatures on the cool site. 40 k for downtown san francisco. 42 in san jose. 41 in oakland. concord at 38 degrees. 36 and livermore. the temperatures will go into the afternoon it will talk rain chance coming up my next report. >> thank you erica. we are monitoring a light ride about the bay area. this is what we expect this being an official holiday veterans day. currently no backups at the bay bridge like traffic from the bay area. highway for things are a little heavy on interstate 580 as well in the east bay. >> thank you george. before you head out on veterans day
5:03 am
you have to get gas. let us check the average is we are paying across the state and in the bay area. >> statewide gas's $3.83 per gallon. will tran is looking at prices closer to home. >> we may think $3.85 a good price for best compared to what we paid last month 75¢ higher in services go we will take it. prices should continue to fall until the end of the year perhaps. $3.85 at this shell gas station in san francisco. the average price is $3.98 in oakland is $3.84. in san jose is $3.81. even though it is cold weekend thank old man winter for the falling gas prices. the winter blin is available which is less expensive to produce.
5:04 am
winter blanend. it was sad that superstar on happened but aorm sandy. happet contributed to gas prices being lowered. >> a. one alarm fire broke out at a house on melvyn him record in redwood city. there is redwood. the fire was on melvyn henry court.
5:05 am
they're still putting out hot spots that may still be there. no reports of injuries as a result of a fire. an investigation is underway into the cause. >> thank you james some of the highlights from the 49 is games. the 49 is play the st. louis rams at candlestick park in cannot be decided in regulation. there was a 15 minute overtime. that was not enough. a missed field goal by both teams. the final score was 24-248 tie. it is the first tie in the nfl in four years. let us get on to alex smith that is the big story. he got hit hard in the head. he stayed in a gamn the game for a whil. e.
5:06 am
he left the game at halftime. the quarterback for this chicago bears and j. culver also left the game with a concussion. but quarterback may be out with a concussion. j cutler. >> the loss angeles lakers fired their coach. they hired steve nash as old coach from phoenix to mike antoni. phil jackson was considered however he wanted to much. >> thank you mark. it is five:06. the fed over a
5:07 am
longer war be closed today for veterans thfederal governmee closed for veterans day. the u.s. postal service banks the dmv and some schools and libraries will be closed today. schools are not required to close check with your schools to see if your child has the day off. >> let us take a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning as we follow the weather. it is cold out there. let us check out the temperature is currently in santa rosa. 40 degrees. will rank about 23 degrees for about a high of 62 we will be right back.
5:08 am
it was cold this morning with temperatures in to the third is. this afternoon we will see sunshine. high clouds in the distance. we will have clouds the to our north. tomorrow will be one of them compare to what we saw this weekend. we will still be on the cooler side but we will see a good mix in the '60s. looking ahead we do have wet weather to talk about later this week. it could impact your weekend. the full details coming up in your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast . futurecast 4 on the other hand focuses on today's 3:00 p.m. green on your screen indicate where we will see 60s. it would not last long into the evening hours. the blue represents where was he the '50s. the purple is picking up some forties' for some of our inland spots. your afternoon highs. mixing of
5:09 am
60s in the south bay los gatos at 67. 63 in mountain view. milpitas at 64. 65 for san jose. 62 for fairfield. 63 in antioch. castro valley at 63. 64 anticipated for union city. as we turn our attention to the north bay upper 50s for novato in petaluma. 61 in san francisco. satellite and radar is tracking wet weather to our north. it is chopping down from the pacific northwest. not going to impact the bay area. because he sprinkles for places like santa rosa and communities that are north. later this week he was senior 7 day forecast that we anticipate wet weather. thursday into friday with a pickup light rain. it looks like those chances are minimal. it is saturday into sunday and starting the next work week we are tracking a new storm coming from the
5:10 am
gulf of alaska. we could see henry rain and gusty winds and temperatures in the
5:11 am
the dow losing 400 porn star the presidential election coints during the election. news coming out of greece they passed the parliament passed the next round of spending cuts. that could save greece from bankruptcy. we have a slew of economic reports coming out. most of them manufacturing. also quarter reports from several big retailers including target, wal-mart, and home depot. dow future is fairly flat the market will open about 630. >> the number of international students enrolled in u.s. colleges climbed 6% last year to a record seven under 64,000 students. the number of u.s. students studying abroad continues to increase but at a much slower rate. up only 1.3
5:12 am
percent over last year. concerned that american students are not developing the skills that would need to succeed in a global work force. educators are being called on to step up to send more students abroad. >> it is 55 5:11 this morning. it is chilly outside and we will be right
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
welcome back. it is a life of piand the wildfire peak season. the santa clara unit up nearly 5000 firefighters and staff will now shift to there wwinter prepares to vote. >> here's a look outside the san mateo bridge on the right. it is awfully cold.
5:16 am
30's and 40's bay area why. >> good morning erica. >> good morning james. it is relatively clear out there. we do have fog developing in the north bay valleys. you are right is a chilly start to the morning. 36 in livermore. 38 in concord. downtown san francisco at 48 degrees. these are not your morning lows once the sun comes up we will release start to feel the attache chille chilly temperatures. temperatures will be a bit warmer compared to what we saw this weekend. 8:00 p.m. and would not last long blue on the screen indicating where we will see the '50s. the purple indicate the forties' already developing for in an spots. we will see sunshine into the afternoon some high clouds in the distance. 66 for santa clara. 63 for
5:17 am
mountain view and sunnyvale. off in the east bay it will be a cool one. 62 for fairfield. 63 in antioch. san leandro 62. 65 and livermore. we will climb into the upper 50s with the north bay. a system to our north where we could see some sprinkles and the north bay. off the system is actually falling apart. 61 for downtown san francisco 62 in berkeley. here is the right on satellite and radar right now it is impacting portions of northern california. it is falling apart to make some light sprinkles in santa rosa and the communities to our north. other than that clear conditions in sunshine for most of the bay area. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows temperatures will be on the warmer side for most of the workweek. it is thursday into friday where we are tracking the potential for rain. for that will be pretty light in nature scattered at best. it
5:18 am
is saturday and sunday we are tracking a another system dropping in from the gulf of alaska. with the heavy rain anticipated gusty winds on tap. the rain chances continue into the start of the work week. we will continue to fine tune your forecast then monitor the timing of the rain. at5:18. it is on to traffic with george. >> as the look first at the bay bridge and start our bridge check of interstate 80 the westbound ride is clear. so is the right to the san mateo bridge. highway 92 problem free across the span. lighter than usual on the left side of your screen which is the counter flow direction. for your ride to the golden gate bridge light traffic they may leave the bridge configured with three lanes in each direction. we will wait to see. for your trip around the east bay we did mention there is slow
5:19 am
traffic on highway 4 and also on interstate 580. is not too bad. the 680 ride looks good to the san ramon belly. south bay free raise the laden incident free the marin ride is under 25 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george. new this morning to concord man are saved after their car failed 25 ft. from interstate 80 this morning. off here is where this accident happened. authorities say it was after midnight. the car was going westbound on 80 went by the of a past but over the side after crashing into a concrete guardrail. the car fell 25 ft. and landed on its roof. the passengers were able to get out of the car without help and only suffered minor injuries the police are currently investigating the accident. >> thank you mark. a candlelight vigil held in memory of a 19 year old who
5:20 am
was killed in an abandoned hayward building earlier this year. police found the body inside an empty car repair shop on mission boulevard. that was tuesday night. police say they are looking for the killer. the family is seeking justice. they are asking for anyone who have them permission to come for. >> he was a good guy he had no enemies. we are so shocked that this happened to him. he was loyal with his girlfriend and kids. >> he was last seen leaving his home near folsom and pomp and know avenue on october 21st. his father reported him missing on november 1st. police have not said what causes them to believe it is a murder. they do and are looking to solve it. >> a neighborhood in redwood city prevent a burglary. three teenagers were seen jumping a fence and going into a house at park avenue
5:21 am
yesterday. police arrived after they got to neighbor scott. they surrounded the house heard noises inside and sought to screens have been torn off the window. the rest of the teams they had stolen jewelry on them. >> santa rosa police will be stepping up enforcement law enforcement along farmers line and montgomery drive. police say they are looking for people violating a variety of laws running red lights, not wearing seat belts, handsfree violations, speeding, and driving with the lane markers. >> oakland will host a informational clinic for residents who need information about foreclosure. there will be able to discuss long modifications and not foreclosure auctions. the city is also launching a foreclosure mitigation program to allow homeowners to reset mortgages to a
5:22 am
current market rates and values. it will run from today from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the oakland marriott convention center. >> the new parking the right to open today at east 14th street has 384 parking spaces and 50 percent more than the old ride when you add the spaces. the new garages has an improved courtyard that includes a bus shelter and decorative painting and landscape. office space for the san leandro chamber of commerce disk. the project was paid for entirely by san leandro redevelopment agency. >> let us take a live look outside. san jose as we cover the weather. here is a live look at traffic on 101 moving pretty well. we will be right back.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back. is5:25. we are learning more about the circumstances of general pretorius stepping down. top fbi officials were aware of the investigation and petras relationship with his biographer. the affair was discovered after threatening e-mail's were sent to deal kelly a close friend of the retired general. --jill kelly. >> mean time the general director of the bbc has resigned after the network ran a reportedly want accusation story about a senior politician accusing him of child abuse. the
5:27 am
general director has apologized of the bbc and resigned for airing the program that accused the onetime senior conservative party figure of child abuse. the politician was not named in the broadcast aired on tv but, there are suggestions pointing to mr. mcalpine. he was also named on the internet he denied the allegations. the victim ended up attracting the claim saying it was not mcalpine. >> in the u.s. immigration reform to be taking center stage in washington. centers from new york and south carolina are attentive to restart talks. they have a plan that will filter all sides of the issue. the bipartisan plan has four key elements including stronger border security. a tough love path to citizenship for
5:28 am
those who are here. part of the planned recrequires applicants to learn english and hold down a job. the time is 5:27. cold weather. we'll have more in your forecast in just a bit. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
5:29 am
don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>>we are looking at lighter than usual traffic around the bay area. we're not tracking any hot spots or major problems. to the east bay and even highway 4 is lighter than usual this morning. >>and reminder that today is veterans day so federal,
5:33 am
government and most other offices will be shut down. the postal service, banks and the--bulls are not required to close us some of them maybe close down today. >>people came-sampras's career yesterday to hon out to o honor different veterans. they are grateful and overwhelmed by all of the outpour of congratulations. >>when someone says thank- you it feels good. it shows
5:34 am
that people appreciate what you have done. >>we are talking about the celebration that went on yesterday. there were parades that were also going on. >>san francisco police have made a third arrest in connection with the vandalism and the destruction of a muni bus. take a look at this video you have probably seen this all over the internet. they took this man named adam and custody and he was booked on suspicions of vandalism. these are the felonies and they stated that he is the one who smashed the window after the torched it. this is a man torn a police barrier in front of the bus. two other men have also been arrested and they have already pleaded not guilty. police are still looking for more.
5:35 am
>>rayleigh'llies are still back at the grocery store. they stated that will still keep striking with their pater not care if they're tried to reach a deal on health care and retiree benefits. >>i will not return back to work until this is settled. >>several customers are also supporting this with the workers so they have agreed not to cross the picket line or shot at the store. >>there are new questions about autism. women who had the flu while they're pregnant were twice as likely to have a child diagnosed with autism. those who had a fever more were three times as likely. this study was based on an 96,000 children in denmark. this
5:36 am
affects one in 88 children in the united states. >>more than a hundred thousand people in new york and new jersey are still without power this morning. it has been two weeks since super storm sandy. more than 8 million people lost power door hurricane sandy followed by the-special victims of sandy are gettinghels for those who had survived hurricane katrina. >>volunteers stated that norris had a helping hand and now they are retained in favor. >>the main reason we're here is because when will allow people to come to new orleans. they came here to help the firefighters and help out to do things. since
5:37 am
we have the opportunity to help we want to come by and help the mall. >>sandy is responsible for about a hundred and 13 deaths. >>let's take a live look at the conditions outside. the approach to the bay bridge is quiet. oakland is at 43 degrees and a high today on veterans day should reach 54 degrees in oakland. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
5:38 am
♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>two people are dead and dozens are displaced as investigators are trying to find a reason for an explosion that damaged homes. take a look at some of the pitchers. firefighters stated that they did not know what started this blast. damages are estimated to be about $3.6 million. the residents
5:41 am
are returning are stated that this explosion has created a state of fear for their families. >>the identities of the two people were nokilled has not been yet released. >>still ahead on kron for more minerals there is more for the san francisco 49ers. we will have more what this means for playoff we will have more what this means for playoff insleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery?
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>>gas prices keep falling around the state and the bay area. the state averages $3.85. the prices are in
5:45 am
redwood city. san francisco is looking at $3.98. oakland and san jose are at $3.84. >>the federal government has closed its offices for veterans day. state and local offices are also close. there is no postal service and you cannot go to the permit a motor vehicles. banks, schools and mass transit are on their regular schedule. the bay area is waking up to colder temperatures. >>we will take a look at how these temperatures may drop a little further. >>we have erica keep an eye on the cold weather. it is out there no matter where you are. >>we are seeing forties' pretty much everywhere.
5:46 am
temperatures are in the 30's in the ballot. we have not even hit summarize yet and that is when temperatures are expected to drop more. temperatures will be warmer in what we saw this weekend. there will be a mixture of 60s. we are tracking the potential of rainfall that can increase. we may see heavier rain for saturday and sunday. that may also continue into the next work week. >>looking at the numbers 36 degrees is what it is out the door. it's 38 degrees in vallejo. so it is still chilly outside. it is pretty cool conditions for the afternoon most locations will sit in the upper 60s. it will not last for long because by 8:00 p.m. tonight all of this will be cooler.
5:47 am
take a look at satellite and radar we are tracking a system to our north. quite frankly the system is already starting to fall apart. we still may see light rain for santa rosa and any location that is north of that. mountain view will be as 63 degrees and cupertino will be at 64 degrees. we will not see temperatures climb too much in the east bay. low sixties for fairfield and 65 degrees for pleasanton. upper 50s for the north bay and berkeley is set 62 degrees. temperatures will be a little bit warmer into tuesday and wednesday.
5:48 am
thursday and friday we may see some light rain and saturday night into sunday morning it will be heavy rain expected. there is a system that will be coming down from the golf of alaska. we hold on to raining chances as we start the next work week. >>still looking at a light ride. we're not try again in a hot spots. we are looking at the bay bridge and you can see that it is an easy commute issue head westward. there are no problems or delays. your right to the san mateo bridge also looks good for highway 92. for the golden gate bridge is an easy trip here is to head south . they do have a bridge set up for normal commute. they have four lanes of the southbound direction. a look at your
5:49 am
right to the east bay shows the they're pretty good conditions and a state 80 westbound is at 14 to 50 minutes. if there are zero delays from westbound. your ride through the south bay looks good for 101 and interstate 280. >>gas prices continued to go down and they are finally below $4. when last month it was at 75¢ higher. they still very around the bay and we just want to know what you have been pain lately. we ask you this question on our facebook page. >>i am pained $3.69 and south san francisco. >>i am paying $3.53 in san jose. >>this is good news but it is only until next week when the probe will be hiked up
5:50 am
due to the holiday. >>join the conversation on our facebook page. we will share more of your comments brought the morning. >>we have raiders and diners at a nascar broad periods the game between the 49 as a and the raiders. alex smith made his 28th straight start and late in the first quarter he rolls out and he gets level to in the back of the helmet and the net. it looks like there was no penalties called. he stayed in the game for while the second quarter--smith did leave the game after he was diagnosed with a concussion and glory of vision. he
5:51 am
played the entire second but that special at that point it was at 17 to 14. david to kick a game time field goal with just three seconds left. he struggled to and he went to left and later an overtime dirhams missed their field go and then the game ended in a tide it was 24 to 24. let's look at the numbers. this is the first time in the nfl since for years ago. the last was in 2008. >>the big question is whether not alex smith will be cleared the to play on monday night. the bears quarterback j. cutler and left his game with a
5:52 am
concussion. so we have a bit monday night match up the bulk of the quarterbacks are questionable. >>the raiders were blown out again. they took on the ravens. second quarter it was at 20 to 3 with baltimore leading. , had good numbers. the raiders lost 55 to 20. this ties them for the most points allowed in a game. the silver and black habit of 97 yds the last two games combined. the raiders three wins in six losses to the season. >>nascar--check out what happened. gordon is waiting for-that he retaliates by
5:53 am
spinning him out. there were not happy and after gordon left his car borders care crew would have the border andthis one offers several minutes before anyone was pulled apart. we will see if there will be any penalties. >>we will take a break. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is cold and this is one of our big stories.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>we are back. we are checking the weather. we are chile this morning but it looks like temperatures will steadily warm-up. we may
5:57 am
still have a chance for some rain on sunday. >>a fire broke out overnight at a house in redwood city. we will show you the damage that was done. >>a third arrest has been made due to the muni bus vandalism. >>the bay area is waking up to cold weather and we do have our team coverage tracking your weather. we will be back in a moment.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>good morning and the top story that we are tracking isn't gas prices. it
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